NDNation USF Preview

There’s another football game this weekend? Exhausting. Not only another football game, but a game that generates very little interest. did you see what Louisiana Lafayette (RAGING CAJUNS) did to Iowa State? I can’t believe I’m now jealous of Louisiana’s ability to weaponize speed.

In-depth article on Phil Jurkovec in P’burgh Post-Gazette. Wouldn’t mind seeing Phil put up 6 TD’s and 400 yards on his old ball coach. I really wouldn’t mind seeing him rub Kelly’s nose in it. Even if it might end up costing ND a win. Notre Dame, where quarterbacks go to die.

Justice …a concept that seems to be on the tips of many people’s tongues these days. I’d propose that in this context justice would be that Jurkovec gets the coaching he has sought out at BC and that our game with BC reflects the relative quarterback coaching/development at each program. Justice is our continued performance in the top 10-15 range (but not cracking the top 10). Justice will be getting our ass kicked by Clemson.

Kelly is an ever-loving, insecure prick. Everyone knows it. It’s why he hasn’t had a sniff at another job opening. never underestimate the powers of denial of the Notre Dame homer. I don’t know how anyone can defend the Kelly/Swarbrick regime. 11 years of mediocrity and counting! The unfortunate one is Rees. He is on the fast track to selling Herbalife products in about 3 years.

Our AD is a man of many talents…He’s a Dick Addis-class weather forecaster. He can hair split on the WSJ op-ed page in a way befitting of his Stanford Law degree. He can quietly slide ND FB into a short-term conference affiliation that shows all outward signs of becoming a long-term commitment. He can turn ND stadium into a fully carpeted full-service network TV infomercial venue. He can pimp the brand in ways that us mere mortals have never dreamed of. I hope to live long enough to piss on his grave. He won’t be around much longer. I’ll leave it at that.

While us like minded folks are all gathered together…does anyone have any thoughts about how we could get rid of Savvy Jack? I sent a letter to the board of fellows back in 2016 about how because of him I would not donate to the university, go to any FB games, etc. Should we all commit to new letters? Petition? Embed articles into the Observer? Find an influencer with a similar mentality? Or just keep hating the situation?

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