NDNation USF Postmortem

I will preface this by stating that I have never liked Brian Kelly and never will. I was not in favor of Tommy Rees as OC. After 10 years, we finally saw a complete game with nothing to complain about. Is Tommy Rees, the QB that didn’t take shit from Kelly, the OC that doesn’t take shit from Kelly? Fullback? QB under center? Toss sweep? Discipline? Let’s see how many eggs Kelly lays before we start worrying about counting unhatched chickens.

Is ND’s dramatic game #2 offensive play book, play calling and game plan changes in some way due to the new NBC booth, namely Dungy? On the surface it sure seemed so. Game #2 sure implemented a slew of his live game #1 recommendations. He’s the first color guy with real, college/pro player and coach HOF bona fides. Is the staff listening? Perhaps a bit, if Rees has any freedom of action, we should see more evidence of this. At a minimum, this is an area to watch as the season progresses. Maybe the seas are changing.

Do BK and Tommy read Rock’s House? In his press conference today, Brian Kelly said the push toward two and three tight end sets is part of developing Notre Dame’s identity. Multiple posters have suggested that embracing ND’s historical recruiting identity (seeming constant success recruiting offensive linemen and tight ends) would lead to success on the field. Thanks God Kelly has 5 more years of mediocrity in him.

I was disappointed that the walk-on QB only got one snap. I doubt a vertical passing game will be developed with a QB that cannot throw a deep ball. The one we had with this ability now plays for Boston College. 4 WR Catches for 41 Yards. Sometimes less is more.

My oldest son and I were watching the game and I stood up and yelled “we ran a fucking toss sweep?” He laughed. How about 3rd and short, I formation, QB under center, hand the ball to Tremble lined up at FB? (4 yd gain). I fell out of my chair.

Prediction: teams stack the box and Kelly decides they can’t run because it’s clearly impossible to run against a stacked box. Then whatever balls Rees has shrivel to raisins because Kelly got him the job after all. Much teeth-gnashing ensues.

7:30 PM game at ND on Nov 7th vs Clemson. Why at night? I’m trying to figure out why ND is scheduling a night game at home in November. Can someone please explain to me why this is a good idea? I just think it’s a shitty and inconsiderate thing to do to those attending the game. We are in one of Dante’s seven circles of Hell. Maybe a sub-level created for college football fans.

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