NDNation Stanford Reaction

(ED. NOTE: We don’t write these ourselves! We aren’t insane! This is part of a recurring series in which we compile actual posts from NDNation’s flagship forum, Rock’s House, into a semi-coherent narrative. Original post and explanation is here. We do this every week. Thank you for not yelling at us on Twitter anymore.)

That was quite a smelly turd. I thought Kelly would need Depends. The 17-7 deficit was wholly unnecessary. Oh and all those empty seats! Last time I checked, Notre Dame fans might’ve attended if it was worth their time. Our brand couldn’t be more stale and uninspiring.

well, it was a win. ND should still fire Kelly. Will there be a “10-2 Regular Season” t-shirt? I absolutely hate 10-2 seasons. Best it gets in modern day ND football.

“It’s just, check it off the list so you guys won’t talk about it,” Brian Kelly said about breaking his 5-game losing streak at Stanford Stadium. Whatever motivates you, coach. Maybe we should win a bowl before we criticize Stanford. The meanie band, oh they made fun of our starving and drinking, blah blah. The Irish sentimentalists on this board make me sick. If they are always so offended, how can they not be offended by a black leprechaun?

Shaw wasn’t embarrassed. It was our coaches and our team who should have been embarrassed. Did you watch the first 25 minutes of the game? Kelly couldn’t carry Shaw’s jock. There was a prolonged shot of BK and Polian at one point and I thought they were going to kiss. Probably no tongues but who knows.

The Camping World Bowl?? WTF!? Would ND actually consider going to an atrocity like that? How embarassing!! Remember when ND used to have standards about the bowl games they played in? inept leadership has put us in a position where our bowl options are somewhere between mundane and embarrassing. Brian and Jack want this. They can engineer a win against an unranked team. 11-2! lets build a statue!!

Anyone explain how we can’t get the ACC spot in the Orange? Because we are no good. ND should do its own Invitational Bowl. Winner take all. TV ratings would be great. We invite who we want.

We are set up for a huge embarrassment. I can guarantee you one thing. Regardless of whom we play, we will come in to the game poorly prepared and poorly motivated. Losing by 50 to Ok St will make most pray for the Mich game. Imagine for a moment if those wins vs. USC over the last several years turned into humiliating losses. At that point, what would be left to parade out to the media?

Prister on Quinn- It was nice to see him actually call for an Oline coaching change after the game on Saturday. If Kelly weren’t such a small man, he’d hire Addazio. The only coaching changes anybody should be calling for at this point is the head coach. Fleck is a younger, slimmer Kelly with boat rowing. Dresses way better. Sounds like an improvement over Kelli.

Kelly would be perfect for the BC job. If Jack doesn’t make a run at Urban this year he should be fired immediately. I’m curious to see what Saban does moving forward. I wonder if he’ll revert back to the Holtz style of football now that he has faced some adversity with the spread.

Wow…Sampson pimping Rees as a great OC candidate for NW. Read through some of those replies and try not to throw up. The fan base is embarrassing. You know it’s going to happen because he’s done such a balls-out job with our QBs. Powlus weaps. Freaking disaster our program is, even after “10 wins”.

Another poor job by Savvy…..That’s why he’s ok with 8-4…Firing Kelly, Rees, etc. unintentionally reinforces the lie that ND football is “on track”. The new AD tells Kelly its year 11 so win the NC or you’re fired. And by the way we’re putting in a grass field.

In the future I would propose that we use the phrase crapped the sofa instead of shit the bed. It will be an ND Nation insider kind of thing. A natural extension of moron becoming Moran. And they will know we are ND Nationers by our name by our name.

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