NDNation Duke Postmortem

(ED. NOTE: We don’t write these ourselves! We aren’t insane! This is part of a recurring series in which we compile actual posts from NDNation’s flagship forum, Rock’s House, into a semi-coherent narrative. Original post and explanation is here. We do this every week. Thank you for not yelling at us on Twitter anymore.)

We ran for 288 yards, but when 139 of those are from your QB, it doesn’t feel like much. Book is a competent D2 QB and nothing more. Catching two touchdown passes is not a license to do the Macarena. Many denizens of NDNation have been calling for Finke’s benching all season. That display should make it unanimous.

I would trade Mark D’Antonio for Kelly right now. Am I wrong? At this point I am so sick of Kelly and his schtick I would take Dantonio or anyone else over Kelly. If he can win a national title he can eat a shit and cream cheese pizza for all I care. We’re eating shit sandwiches right now.

Does Kelly have fire in his belly? Or is it jelly? Kelly is still drinking his own bath water. I think he has Mini-Me in his belly. I guess that would make him Fat Bastard.

No rational AD would still have him on staff. He’s a vulgar incompetent fool. What does it take for someone at Notre Dame to take a good look at this buffoon of a man and have the balls to fire his ass!? Well, pure douchebaggery is one possible explanation, I suppose. I don’t think Kelly could build a dog house, let alone a house or an elite football program.

The honorable thing to do would be to decline all bowl bids. Even if we win out, we will not have beaten anybody. The players should dedicate their time to their studies. Ok boomer…OK, Participation Trophy Millennial. can we get a board rule against this kind of crap? It’s for people like you that the Pinstripe Bowl was created.

Maybe I’ve become too cynical, but I anticipate that Shanty McFuckerpants (I borrow this from another poster because it has made me laugh all morning) will find a way to be humiliated once again by Pineapple Boy.

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