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ND twitter messaging suggests that the team is going to wear some ridiculous all-green costume on Saturday. Aren’t our school colors blue and gold? Are the elephants and clowns far behind? Don’t bother, they’re here. Some would say Dumbo leads us out of the tunnel. It’s not 1977 anymore. Too early for Christmas. Green on Red? No, no, no! “All black everything” is a popular rap song/lyric, this is probably just a riff on that.

Just wait for that special whiteout glare under the lights. The Brady Bunch had a better looking playing surface. Friday night bash in stadium, Savvy playing up the brand. Yoko Ono will perform a medley of her favorite opera solos. And who said manufacturing was on the decline in America? GameDay Upgrade Opportunity: Enhance your concourse party experience!! For just $10 more you can take a direct hit from your choice of the mustard, ketchup, or relish pump dispensers, or for just $25 more you can get a mouthful of all three!

I want Kelly gone yesterday. I’d rather finish the season with an interim head coach. They are calling this the “Urban Meyer Bowl.” Why not Urban to ND? I think it’s possible that our University’s Catholic values (whatever is left of them outside of the administration) would help him “rise to the occasion.” Next year’s team….needs a better QB…coach & scheme…and athletic director. and Irish Guard. and lower ticket prices.

Slovis could find passing to be more difficult with Julian Okwara’s seed in his hair. I may have to take back my shots at HInish before he beats me up. Sometimes even this board is wrong about things. I think the QB play has been bad. The WRs are consistently underwhelming and fail to make even semi-tough catches. play design and/or execution is atrocious. If I see another six yard hitch on 3rd and 8, I am going to: a) take a shit; then b) kill someone.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this…how long since ND beat a decent SC team? I am concerned about Kelly taint. I thought that you were more concerned with Wass’ taint? It is not just that Kelly hasnt won enough. It is that he is a complete jackass and that he has insisted on reconstituting the program into a newstyle leisure suited Lithuanian swinging program in his own low rent image. he’s a horses ass. I heard we are first in line to get Saban next. his contract seems to never run out. We’re being very patient though and we’ll be right there to scoop him up once it does.

In 2010 my wife was working with Brian Cushing’s wife. She thought it would be a grand old time if my wife and I came over and watched the game with Brian and his USC friends. I objected immediately and this led to me being called anti social and don’t I want to make new friends. You should have brought him a new brassiere. A brassiere with three cups. He took so many roids he grew a third tit. No reference to female genitalia is a step in the right direction.

I hope a giant death ray hits their team bus. I listen to Tribute to Troy on repeat just to get angry. Always struck me as similar to watching a North Korean rally. Some shitty town with a bunch of perverts that got burned to the ground because the prince was a playboy. Robots flashing the V sign in synchrony to that moronic music, worshipping a horse. The Trojan on Traveler named “Mister Hands”. Southern Cal is going to chuck it so much that BK is going to get a massive erection.

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