10 Things I Hate About You: Florida State

  1. We could make this a one-point list and the ‘Noles would still be more than worthy of our hatred. Thank you, Jameis Winston!
  2. The voters handed Bobby Bowden the title in 1993, despite both teams having one loss and an Irish head-to-head victory in the “Game of the Century.”
  3. One of the few things this country can come to a consensus on is that this fanbase is one of the worst in the country, whether it’s online or in person (more on this later).
  4. Ronald Darby, why did you decommit? Really could have used a star corner in 2013-2014.
  5. It wasn’t a pick.
  6. Speaking of 2014, in the span of that game alone two separate groups of asshole FSU fans tried to start fights with my friends and me. One dude ripped my friend’s hat off his head and threw it across our section in the middle of the game like a proper eight-year old brat. It is, hands down, no contest, the worst experience I’ve had at an away game and the worst opposing fan base I’ve been unlucky enough to interact with. Fuck those guys.
  7. Think 2014-2015 was our highest-seeded NCAA Tourney team in recent memory? Nope — we were a 2-seed in 2010-2011 when the ‘Noles upset a Ben Hansbrough-led team whose only scene in One Shining Moment was Joey Brooks slamming the ball on the ground and shouting, “come on, man!” What could have been.
  8. Let’s defer to 30 Rock when discussing the city of Tallahassee: “it’s a combination of elderly shut-ins, beach bums, bus passengers who ran out of money, swamp people, and pirates.” Yep!
  9. Whether on TV or in person, seeing a bunch of plastered white people tomahawk chopping and howling that “war chant” for four hours is The Bad Place, full stop.
  10. The fact that our two* wins against FSU, both in seasons with championship aspirations, were both immediately ruined in heartbreaking fashion the next week by an inferior ACC school DOES NOT MAKE ME FEEL GREAT.

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