NDNation Alabama Preview

Welcome to Getting our Asses Kicked Eve everybody. Please don’t look silly in losing. No Yakety Sax…. No North Carolina panic shovel passes…Shakespeare said it best. To get cornholed or not to get cornholed, that is not really the question. It is rather certain. I am not watching.

This is the apogee. The right to receive an ass-beating in a playoff game. Under Kelly and Swarbrick, we can hope for no better. Do we have a Heisman hopeful on the roster? A generational talent? With elite players I suspect we would just move up a rung to the 14-17 point losses even though we match the talent.

Why don’t we just shut down their run/pass game while we are on defense. Blanket cover all their receivers on passing plays…make their RB’s pay every time they touch the ball with crushing hits. On offense, why don’t we establish a controlling ground game and grind clock. A punt block or two, along with a punt return for a TD will surely do it. Jeez, I’m actually thinking this should be easy!

Should Kelly hit Saban on Social Media? I.e.: Lil’ Nick, Failed NFL Coach Saban, AARP Member Saban, Saban speaks French. Perhaps if Kelly drops one of these lines and if they go viral, Saban would lose his focus and not be fully prepared. Watch what happens. Maybe during pregame he walks up to him and reaches for handshake but instead slaps him hard on the cheek. Or maybe just kisses him hard on the lips. It couldn’t hurt and might rattle Saban.

We don’t deserve to be in and we know it. ND is only in the playoff because of Covid…You can’t have your Covid and eat it too. Hold me, I am fearful for what will happen to us on the day of the Solemnity of Mary. The only thing ND possibly wins is the toss. We are absolutely helpless. Losing is ok even for me, if we’d just not abandon the run. I just want it to be over.

Take me back to New Year’s Eve 1973. Between 2013 and now we’ve been stuck in purgatory. I still can find not redeeming factor in Kelly. He thinks he is showing the world he’s swashbuckling hero when he is just a grab bagging pretender. My son is a freshman, and he had his ND moment storming the field after beating Clemson. Unfortunately, I think that will be the highlight of his 4 years.

ACC announces Brian Kelly is their Coach of the Year…someone has to be King of Turd Island. Kelly’s contract now extended to 2127. He surely won’t live another century to fulfill it, but Jack wanted to lock in his corpse long term. First Covid then Murder Hornets now this. Are you done 2020?

Under Weis, the three star guys were few and far between, with four and five stars all over the place. But its not 2008 anymore. I, too, prefer stepping in dog shit to eating it. A grossly manipulated soft served schedule that will normally warrant 10 wins and occasionally a taste of the playoffs. Feels cheap and dirty.

Wearing a straitjacket and chiseling this post on cell wall: Alabama plays one of their worse games in recent memory with three return picks and 4 missed scoring opportunities and the Irish win game with final drive field goal. Would go on with more game details but nursing staff needs to tighten my bed straps and up the voltage for my daily delusional treatment. I can only imagine the dark corners of the ND fanboy web where you find Kellyloving kinship. perpetuating the giant ND fanboy circle jerk.

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