NDNation Clemson Round 2 Postmortem

The only thing we accomplished yesterday was confirming the notion that we beat a Clemson team riddled with backups and our first string needed double OT to beat their second string. In fairness, it’s hard to play football at a high level with a brown submarine in one’s britches. By the way. We beat Louisville by 5 points.

ND has no offense at all. It is totes garbage. I love Book, but he can’t put a team on his back against an opponent like Clemson. Its as simple as Clemson’s running game was working, while our running game was stalled and prematurely abandoned. I’ve had enough embarrassment until we fix the program: Fire Swarbrick and Kelly and hire a great AD and a great coach. Kelly has shat his pants one too many times, me thinks.

Do you honestly think Kelly gives a shit? He knows 9-10 wins a year will keep him fat, dumb and employed. ND is run by a gang of collared clowns who don’t give a flying fuck as long as the program is profitable. every play reminded me of the old joke: when you’re up to your ass in alligators, it’s easy to forget your initial objective was to drain the swamp.

He flat out gave up years ago recruiting top talent. Kyren Williams won’t make an NFL practice squad. Why do Lea’s defenses seemingly suck or just don’t show up for big games?? Should ND go ahead now and tell him to get started on his HC job at Vandy? we always crap the bed.

Supposedly Fitzpatrick from NW is going to get interview opportunities at the NFL level after the season. Boy, it must really burn Kelly up that a guy like that has more opportunities than he does. he also needs to start working on the gut! What happened to the personal trainer he had for a while . . . .?

Swarbrick and Kelly shouldn’t be taking us they’re trying to win a national championship because they are not. Just be honest that they’re trying for nice seasons. Pretty clear that everyone at ND is comfortable with status quo. There will be no changes. Get used to it. the level of interest will drop to that given to SMU and Nebraska. Think about it — the children of the last players at Notre Dame to beat the top ranked team are now starting to attend college.

Fortunately, singing day is now before these collapses versus after like in the Weis days — so we don’t lose as many recruits immediately as a result. ND didn’t seen to have problems signing kids this cycle, as they loaded up at the 3-star buffet with plenty of kids from the south and outside the Midwest.

Bama is sending their players home for 3 days. ND stsarters versus Bama second teamers: Kelly would lose that game and lament they did not have enough film to go ver to gameplan. Kelly never, ever, ever, ever allows his team to even remotely attempt to be physical in any end of season game against a top 10 team. Ever.

Yay. Another chance to show everyone how unprepared, uncompetitive, and unworthy ND can be. Feels a bit to me like hoping the bball team can get the 64th bid to the ncaa bball tourney over a mid tier team with a much better record. Bed shitting losses have consequences.

The schedule has been softer than Marcus Bachmann’s hog when Michelle trots out the lingerie. In other news, not sure if my aunt has grown balls yet to become my uncle. I have zero faith ND will keep it within 50. We’re fucked no matter what. A carbon copy of the 2012 game is very likely. It quite likely will be the worst game any ND fan alive has ever witnessed.

Can Saban take a punch? I’m pretty sure he can considering Kelly would be wearing his mittens. Saban slices his body all over with a razor then jumps into a pool of alcohol just to feel revitalized. He drinks hot molten lead every morning instead of coffee. He fills the Space-X falcon rocket boosters with his urine.

Should be able to keep it within 28 at half. This isn’t one of Saban’s best teams. In order to have ANY chance at a win…RUN the fucking ball. DON’T throw the ball more than 20 times. Show the current team the complete game view from the 73 Sugar Bowl. Back then we were dominant. Nowadays not so much.

Nowhere to go now but balls to the wall. let’s not get our asses licked. Kelly is probably into that. You can’t have any pudding unless they beat your (butt) meat. I always feel better getting back on this board. Thanks.

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