NDNation Clemson Round 2 Preview

Recruiting should be better – imagine if Kelly could recruit 5 stars. ND doesn’t really take QB recruiting as seriously as other schools. Listing starting 3 star players is dangerous. Are they beating out 4 and 5 star players or are they just the best of the “litter.” Are we missing out because of lack of trying? Lack of effort? ND undersells itself. whoopee, we cracked the top 10.

DE Aupui just flipped from UCLA to ND. that better not mean “f*** yo mama” in german. or it is soooo on. Rocco Spindler is already a favorite. Signed his letter of intent from a hunting blind and then brought down a ten point buck ten minutes later. I’m not a hunter but now I’m going to become one. Going to buy a hunting rifle, bow, bazooka, grenades – whatever.

Sounds like we’re losing Clark Lea. Shoots craps. Anyone know if we even tried to pay the man? Swarbrick said no Asst Coach has left over money. Meaning “Clark Lea is leaving but you can’t blame me”? I hope he succeeds at Vanderbilt for 3-4 years and we can hire him back as head coach. Why would we want a coach with so limeted HC experience? Let Lea get 13 to 15 years of HC experience at a few schools. One of those schools should be a major program.

Sampson is apparently pushing Elston for DC. I trust ISIS over Sampson. Kelly wanted to promote Elston in 2018, and not Lea. If Kelly hires Elston as the DC, then he will have lost arguably two of the top defensive coordinators in college football in the last three years.

Diaco will return for round two. Im not laughing. I could see BK doing this. Am I crazy, or should we make a run at Muschamp? I don’t see why we wouldn’t call him. I expect a comprehensive national search… of the Kelly coaching tree. candyass driveby asshole.

How do people feel about Quinn now? Has opinion of him changed? We haven’t played much elite talent. What is Hiestand doing these days? ND managed to step all over it’s own foreskin before this year regardless of the opponent with a terrible scheme. The true test will be next year. We’ll see if Air Kelly is recommissioned and brought out of the storage hangar or if that plane stays mothballed.

Uh-oh. Kelly already has his Clemson excuse lined up. He made it sound like it is all about the players and the coaching takes a backseat. Not feeling good about this game when I hear the HC say shit like that. My biggest fear is Kelly mandating ND opens with empty backfield and tries to sling it all over the field because….”they will never suspect that”.

Bad result of canceling WF:is Hamilton suspended for 1st ½? I am controlling what I can as I have just started pre-gaming for Clemson. My plan is to go slow and steady for 10 days. Hopefully, I’ll be standing and able to focus.

I just wish Notre Dame fans could kick the habit of whining about every goddamned thing. We made our decisions. We should play our games and win them. It is inevitable that ND fans do what they can too look like pussies. Would you say it’s been a long, short, or average 11 years of Kelly? Long. It’s like landing the hottest girl to the Prom and when you go out with her she talks Valley Girl and has B.O. and bad breath and you just want to drink Drano.

OSU, as a program, deserves better than this. They earned the benefit of the doubt. We haven’t. I would not be surprised if deep, irreconcilable fissures emerge between them and their conference brethren over the next several months, or if back channel calls are being made to see about a potential opening in the SEC East if the B1G continues to be an administrative and competitive burden.

Big 10 expected to change 6-game minimum. Herbie was right.Dabo was right. process nuts are twisted. OSU played 5 times. They haven’t had the same number of shit the bed chances as ND. The whole conference can go eat a bag of dicks, and we shouldn’t ever pass on a chance to shit on them.

We all knew the ND to ACC talk was coming. Swarbrick wants us to join the ACC permanently. don’t you think it’s already happened and we just haven’t been told yet. JS and BK can trumpet the success of this season and the fact that the ACC created the environment for ND to be so good this year. I pray I’m wrong, but I think it’s already done and the announcement occurs during Super Bowl week.

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