NDNation Syracuse Preview

Next year we are screwed. there should never be a need to change how we are playing this year. Vandy AD says she’s looking for an offensive minded coach. Brian Kelly would be a homerun hire for them!

Any chance Jack would leave ND to become ACC Commissioner? Yes. It is very, very likely. My neighbor works for a sports marketing firm and has been informing me of this development for a few months now. You got about halfway through and so much blood went to my groin I passed out. Everything else is straight from my hiney. Fisting Irish. Smart ass.

Are we sure Rees doesn’t post here? Paves the way for BK to be AD; Rees as HC. has Jack’s decision-making at ND been influenced by his desire to one day become ACC commissioner? He’d probably get ND football to join ACC.

SEC Commish questions ACC decision to drop 12/12 games. Low rent stuff from ACC and involved parties. pure mediocrity blended with hot garbage. Comming from a conference in which every one of their top tier teams gets an annual “mulligan” loss when it comes polls and playoff rankings because the “conference is so tough”, I say to him “Go shit in a hat”.

The ACC is adding previously unscheduled games. Why not Miami/Nd? until Kelly proves to be a masterful game prep coach, I want to stay away from Dabo. Call off the ACC Championship. It won’t be needed. We will all WIN!

How can they maintain a grass field in Pittsburgh in December? Better yet, how can they do so with 2 teams playing on said field? My fervent prayer is that the next coach will want grass. ND should be content to get a great coach hooked on LSD.

I enjoy that everyone thinks that we’re arrogant pricks and that one of the first things they are supposed to find out about me is where I went to school. That’s how it’s always been.

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