NDNation North Carolina Postmortem

The Rees era…surprising so far. He has been fortunate. he was here already so knew the players. he had Kyren Williams emerge as a bell cow RB. Yes, and he shoots thunderbolts out of his arsehole. Weis looked pretty good his first year too. Next year will be the true test.

Do we want BK to take Lions job? Can I help him pack? He has not proven he’s elite. I still don’t like him as a coach. He’s an ass, no one argues that. Given eleven years of on the job training, Gerry Faust could have won a national championship.

Until this season I would have said yes. he somehow has managed to do the improbable. Get out of his own way. I never imagined enjoying watching a Kelly-coached Irish team. I reserve the right to change my mind if he shat’s the bed again. Personally, I am going to wait and see how Kelly 3.0 does against the Clemson Varsity. Until then, we are living a lie.

Was Kelly calling plays on the last drive? Curious if he wasn’t happy with Rees. Yes. But the mic on his headset has been disabled since the North Carolina State hurricane game in 2016. I’m happy but somewhat disappointed in the offense. Several lost opportunities to win the game. I still don’t love our route trees. So what are your feelings on a four tight-end package? Boner. I may need to call my doctor. This will last > 8 hrs. I’m at the hospital.

There were parts of Book’s game Friday that disappointed me. His “backyard” football may be entertaining, but one of his backyard throws came close to disaster. The two games prior to NC I thought he had settled into a good QB. late, out-of-bounds horsecollar has got to be sent to ACC HQ for review. The number of players killed by the horse collar tackle is zero.

Do we take a chance on a transfer QB next year? If for some bizarre reason Lawrence came back and if DJ wanted to play next year, I’d of course take him. What about that BC QB?

Just a reminder that NC is a fraudulent school. It continues to be a source of scandal that we voluntarily associate with them. I’d also like to remind ABC that Kelly had to vacate wins. Ara would have been fired. I used to think ND fans were superior to those of other schools. I don’t anymore.

Can’t be a perfect season in a pandemic year no matter what. It is an asterisk season. I’m fully expecting to get screwed out of the #4 spot by either Cincinnati, Alabama, or Texas A&M. I am not that confident ND is in if they win their last 2 regular season games and either beat clemson or play them close. The decision is dominated by crackerass football meatheads.

Kirk Herbstreit is fucking useless and a preening ass. ESPN is a pimp for any school program but ND. the Heisman is a beauty contest run by a bunch of Disney rats. chances of Book being a finalist? He would have to beat Clemson almost single handily. he was very pedestrian for the first 6 games. I’ll be happy if his fake girlfriend survives the entire season.

Our schedule has been dog doo. It blows goats. I don’t want to hear any whining if we lose a game and don’t make the playoffs. In the words of Jimbo, calm down, don’t get over-exuberant. Humble pie.

Seeing MSU’s real grass makes me sad we play on plastic. This isn’t like sending someone to the moon, and there aren’t any national security issues at risk. In 1988 and 1989, we were lucky fans. To be able to watch those great teams, with such exciting players. All while those teams set academic standards as well. My feelings for ND and the football program have taken a nose dive over the last decade for a variety of reason and I don’t suspect they’ll be coming back. We didn’t realize how great we had it.

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