NDNation Boston College Postmortem

Are you not entertained? Is this not the NDN offense that we have been asking for? Rees seems to have had a major impact on “Kelly’s” offense through 8 games. Board Ops can’t reveal that Rees is a RH poster. long-lost-son Tom gives him the security blanket to let go and implement more than a thimble full of new ideas. I think it vindicates what many on this board have been calling for the last 10 years.

Still don’t like Kelly. Still think it was a complete Jack-enabled, Kelly-ass move to bring in a crony. Hiring Rees was a dumb decision. It will still be dumb even if he ends up the next Urban Meyer. That we got lucky and he’s doing so well is what it is- luck. Kelly has his finger in the pie. Can’t tell you which finger.

What the hell happened to Kyren Williams. whas he injured? He was abducted by North Korea. We’ve lacked an instinctive, fast and powerful running back for years. Unfortunately for most of the previous 10 years we could never competently run a fullback dive on 3rd or 4th and 1.

I think Lea and his D are trending in the wrong direction. I was thoroughly disappointed we didnt have a 40 pt blowout. Ok to enjoy, but Lawrence will score a lot of pts on this D. PJ just put up 31 on this D, so yeah. Lawrence is more of a threat to run and makes the defense respect the QB keeper whereas DJ doesn’t.

Maybe we can stop the circle Jurk and the Philating of the Backup QB. I don’t hate BC. I don’t think about them at all. This is the correct answer. It also infuriated a mouthy BC type at a party years ago when I said it to her after she tried to bait me as BC people tend to do. She was not hot either.

Anyone else notice that every time we play an ACC team from south of Mason-Dixon line the ref sounds like Colonel Sanders, but on Saturday we managed to get a ref who sounds like a Wahlberg brother? I got yelled at by wife for LOLing while she was complaining about a couch.

I’ll take 2017 USC and NC State well above this mess. The Kelly era has included too many games when we let teams hang around by playing at the level of the opponent. obviously whenever BK’s done the first call is Urban Meyer.

Kelly is The Thing That Wouldn’t Leave. He’ll never be gone, so your post is moot. Saturday’s win was Kelly’s 100th at Notre Dame. “I was going to say it felt like 100 years,” he joked during his postgame press conference. “No kidding,” I thought when I read his remark.

Do we have a board rule against posting porn? Asking for George Costanza who found out the hard way on a Michigan board. Yeah. Thanks a lot Bin Laden. You can post porn, but not without the proper salute.

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