MGOBLOG State of the Union

I sure was envious of ND last night. Just the nightcap dong punch I needed! They looked physical, could execute blocks, held up against the run, and had very good QB play. How did we beat this team so readily last year? Notre Dame must have upped their cheating game this off-season. My sadness as a Michigan fan is deep right now.

they just beat the number 1 team; broke a long reg season win streak. we just lost to ……. Indiana. and the team we lost to last week got beat 49-7. and folks still want harbaugh. He thinks his team is “close”. The questions to ask are which team is he talking about and what are they close to? He is accurate. We are close. ‘Close’ to falling off the cliff into the unknown. So many pathetic excuse makers. Time’s up.

That was a great game. Good to see the refs try their best for Notre Dame. Without them and if Lawrence played they lose by 20+. I hope M will win a game like that again… some day…wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate a win like that at Michigan Stadium? A win over a favored #1 ranked team? Or, hey, Ohio State? That sight just made me jealous.

Kelly is a much, much better coach than Jim Harbaugh. He’s going against the presumed NC champs and going toe to toe. We would get killed by them. Michigan needs to go back in time and fire don brown three years ago. What a fucking bitch. Fields is gonna carve us up like a turkey. Maybe the first time in my life that I won’t watch it.

A coach that can game plan all the way down to the team knowing what to expect post victory? Must be nice. Sigh…Get rid of dan flippin brown. Whatever competitive drive jim had before, Its clearly not there anymore. This team needs to lose. The administration needs to realize that it is time to clean house. Recruiting is going to fall in the short term; it does not matter. Michigan football is cooked.

Kelly gets better recruits out of our state than Harbaugh. The difference with ND is athletes that look and play as big and strong and fast as Clemson. It’s depressing seeing how huge Notre Dames WRs are, then looking at Michigan’s small ass 5’9 guys.  Looks like he could be lining them up for a second shot at the playoffs and Harbaugh is probably not going to be bowl eligible. He beat Clemson last night so surely he’s “cheating”, many around here frown on that sort of thing. Chug some more mayonnaise, you Dutch freak.

You can’t really compare Notre Dame and Michigan in terms of record due to how different their schedules are. Notre Dame hand picks their schedule to be easy, but just hard enough to where it’s not cake and people take them seriously. Michigan plays a B1G east schedule. ND doesn’t have to play traditional powerhouse teams like MSU and Indiana.

Realistically….who do we beat that we have left on our schedule? I can’t think of a team left that we can beat. Maryland will put up 600 yards on Brown’s defense and Penn State is going to kick the shit out of this team. I can see OSU making it respectable in the hope Harbaugh isn’t fired. Maybe a Wisconsin COVID forfeit? Maybe Rutger?

The only folks that still want harbaugh have the last name of harbaug. RUTGERS put up MORE points against Ohio State today than WE did against INDIANA. It’s time for a new coach. Charlie Weis is available and not doing anything.

I’m close to ND insiders who say Kelly is a polarizing figure.  The academic issues with players keep leaking and the character issues are there for everyone to see.  Apparently he’s also pro-choice which doesn’t go over well for some there.  He has a lot of internal enemies.  Do not want to see that type of culture here.

I think that the students on the field were also chanting all hail Biden-Harris, so that should convey immunity from Covid. college kids don’t get sick. This is all fake and part of a plot to hide a certain laptop from a certain somebody.

I spend a great deal of time around Catholics. The majority lean right as single issue Republicans. They have adopted the COVID is fake news mentality. These same people are the ones minimizing the health department and CDC guidelines.This isn’t their first reckless self serving decision. maybe it was a political statement.

If you are scared, go to online church. Im rushing the field. But my team sucks, so im safe. Lord knows I’d love to be dealing with the rush the field/don’t rush the field dilemma, but alas, I’ve tied my wagon to Michigan.

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