NDNation Clemson Preview

If only Ian Book had a Lou Holtz cruising into town this year. Oh well. When we get beaten down Saturday, it won’t be because Clemson has better talent on the field. They will win because they have better talent on the sidelines and in the booth. In college, the game is won more often off the field than on it.

Kids gotta make plays. Coaches gotta grab a throat. If BK stays prickly, or moves to full purpletude, he’s going to freak the team out. I think he does that. There is zero evidence Kelly has ever had his team prepared in games like these. Game Over. This will be UM 2019 Redux.

I have Baby Yoda once a week and I have Columbo. Also the weekly ND game that just never is what I want it to be. Turns out that “everyone else *isn’t* doing it” …if by “it” you mean constructing chickenshit schedules that endeavor — with great success — to duck the elite teams in the country. Fuck you, Jack.

I realize Clemson had many players test positive over summer. They were proactive. Got it out of the way immediately. BK excuse: Team could not get excited without Trevor playing. Kelly’s words to me, seem like he’s already doing damage control in case his team falls on Saturday. He’s laying the groundwork for full conference membership.

If ND wears green uni’s and Clemson their orange & white it will look like the Irish flag every time they come together. I think it’s an omen. Don’t know what for, but an omen nonetheless. I think there’ll be plenty brown this weekend…And I need not be color blind to know.

Go Irish. My head is saying no. My groin is saying Yes! Yes! Neuter the Tigers.

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