NDNation Georgia Tech Postmortem

How should Kelly and Rees scheme to outfox Dabo? Hire a superb gameday coach, Lou Holtz. I wish we could lure Dabo to ND some time in the future. I’d like to see Brian Kelly toggle to a purple mask when he gets angry lest I think he doesn’t care about anymore.

Kelly tried to cover on the last play of game. I tend to think he knows he never covers – bothers him. Not classy. Running up score is low class. It’s just so tacky and embarrassing. I bet most of you in here pee sitting down.

BK thinks ACC title is more important than beating Clemson? What planet is this guy living on? I don’t want Brian Kelly coaching, period. Fools Gold 2020. We.Are.Not.Good. I expect to lose by 3-4 scores. Our players will not be properly prepared for the Clemson game. They will be under/over hyped and won’t have an adequate understanding of and preparation for the game plan.

Anyone else feel this way? A loss Saturday will cause another Brian Kelly team tailspin? My ND-manic mother is convinced that Clemson will obliterate the Irish, and then worse, Boston College will also waste us in the dreary battered aftermath. She is wide-eyed over this new QB at BC. Your mom is rather discerning regarding the BC QB. Too bad BK wasn’t.

im just happy we dont haver a bye week. We always shit the bed after 2 weeks to prepare. he can’t help but double-down on bone-headed staffing moves and invariably returning to a well filled with his own bathwater. If Lawrence played next week, we’d lose by 30. our win against a top 5 team, if we win, is absolutely meaningless.

When was the last time Notre Dame had a game-changing special teams play? When was the last time the defense came up with a huge play that changed the momentum of a game, like a pick six, or a key stop on 4th and 1? I haven’t liked our OL since 1996. Book’s little 10-15 yard scrambles up the middle that keep drives alive against lesser competition – won’t happen Saturday. He’ll pick up 3 yards – at best.

Why is it so difficult to recruit QBs to play here? Lack of effort? It’s hard to believe that Ian Book and Phil Jurkovec ever sat in the same quarterback room. Makes me want to kick the tv every week when they show his face. I feel like we need to just start whatever freshman we have on any given year. Someone go lite a candle for Buchner. Imagine you are the dad of the next Trevor Lawrence. Are you going to entrust your gifted QB to Brian Kelly and a still-being-potty-trained Tommy Rees at OC?

If the Irish beat Clemson on Saturday! I will consider it a fluke and I will expect them to lose handily in the inevitable rematch. Most people don’t give a shit what we have done. The school has chosen to be content as an also-ran rather than a legitimate contender. With few exceptions, it has chosen to take the path of the meek rather than to pursue excellence.

The fact of the matter is this isn’t our father’s Notre Dame. We’re beating dead horses but this fabricated smoke and mirrors show is beyond unsatisfactory.  It is stunning to me how many fans today who think Kelly is great and believe that our ‘leaders’ want to win a NC. Friggin crap, what a disappointment we have become.

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