NDNation Georgia Tech Preview

We need Lou before Clemson. Kelly’s pregame speeches are about as motivating as an instructional video for boiling noodles. Canned coachspeak crap. Rockne: “I’m sorry ladies I thought this was the ND locker room.” That Kelly dude is in trouble. We’re toast!

No shit we have a good scoring D, our opponents suck donkey dick. the era of even softer schedules is ahead of us as JS/BK are loving this season and feel like bad asses. That schedule blows wild farm animals. A large swath Of our fans think this is all great. It’s coming, it’s not if but when. This is the new Notre Dame. Everything going on is good enough. People that aren’t happy with the current state of affairs are just disgruntled NDN folks, who don’t see how great everything is.

How does ND not have the #1 running attack every year? A mystery. I literally could not name a single player on the team with confidence other than Ian Book. That’s how closely I am following the team these days. How would you prepare starting Sunday if you were the ND defensive coordinator? Find out why you just lost to Georgia Tech. or interview with the Eagles.

ND needs to beat a Lawrence lead team to dispel doubters. Will be hilarious when they beat ND without him. Nobody’s going to give a crap about a regular season upset over Clemson, with or without their starting QB. The absence of Lawrence does not change my prediction that the only way ND’s offense will reach the endzone is if they get tackled for a safety. This will affect Clemson about as much as losing their other Lawrence (Dexter) for the playoffs two years ago. It’s still much more likely that they’ll kick ND’s ass with the backup, and it’ll just be a bit more embarrassing. He’s good enough to beat ND from quarantine, in his dorm room.

Clemson’s starting LB James Skalski is out for our game. we might keep it within 21 after all. Maybe not. Hasn’t Kelly begun to take some of the play calling back under his purview and won’t he certainly be all over that for Clemson? judging by how few times they came out in an “i” formation as compared to the past few games, I’d say Rees had a lot less, if anything to do with play calling in Pittsburgh.

Wear Green email on 11/7 just received from ND. Think that pretty much cements green jerseys for the Clemson game. Nothing like selling old traditions while pi**ing on old traditions at the same time. I do know that reprising Wille Fry’s admonition from the 1977 USC rally while you have field turf, jock rock, and all the rest smells of hypocrisy. COVID has prevented 11/7 from being a Sea of Orange…so we got that going for us.

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