NDNation Pitt Postmortem

It’s nice to beat up on a lesser team instead of playing to its level; but I saw a somewhat uneven performance, not the statement game most media is reporting. Good, not great. I’m not sure what kind of statement can be made by crushing a mediocre football team like Pitt. The reason the win felt unsatisfying is because the rushing attack looked so anemic. Nothing is as satisfying as imposing your will on the ground. Plus, how dominating can you feel when your best offensive player is a graduate transfer from Northwestern?

The Pitt game almost makes me want to get family and friends together for the Clemson game. I think for this impending debacle I will sit by myself in the comforts of my own living room. If it’s as bad as I think it could be, I can at least walk away. Brent Venables is going to eat up our passive run scheme for dinner and overwhelm our entire offense.

if we were to have a good QB and/or WR, the coaching staff wouldn’t stick with this offensive philosophy, even though it would likely result in great success. Kelly would try to morph it into something more explosive/entertaining/etc.

Look, we have 2 pass plays. Short pass to Mayer (<10 yards of the line of scrimmage), or a downfield jump ball to Skowronek that doesn’t have to be accurate or hit him in stride. That’s it. That’s our passing attack. he is a worse version of Wimbush. I am really bumfuzzled by this.

Here is my amended rule to POSSIBLY beat Clemson. RUN THE FUCKING BALL. IF THEY SHUT DOWN OUR RUNNING GAME, WE’RE FUCKED. Possible reasons for beating Clemson if we do: Even a dead cat bounces. The apocalypse is around the corner. You vowed to go alcohol-free for a month if win. There is a God.

I think one could make a legitimate argument this is the most soft and candy assed schedule through 5 games we have ever played in the history of the program. I literally have no idea how good we are or aren’t against the detritus we have played this far. I’m not going to allow myself to get too excited over today because it’ll make the pain on November 7th much less.

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