Schedule Drop NDNation Roundup

(ED. NOTE: We don’t write these ourselves! We aren’t insane! This is part of a recurring series in which we compile actual posts from NDNation’s flagship forum, Rock’s House, into a semi-coherent narrative. Original post and explanation is here. We do this semi-regularly. Thank you for not yelling at us on Twitter anymore.)

Jurkovec eligible immediately. You’d think Kelly would relish the opportunity to whup the turncoat and put Phil in his place. What a miserable, petty wuss. The Jurk v. The jerk. I don’t think that’s a match-up Brian and Tommy would prefer to see if they had their druthers. he’ll point up to the box first and say “eat it” to Rees and then do the point/stare down thing at Kelly saying “you never even let me do a flea flicker in practice arsehole”. Watching him put it to Brian Kelly would take away the sting of a loss to BC. If the BC line can contain JOK, Phil could decimate ND. And I am so here for it.

We should just bubble and play Clemson 10 times. BK will have the team flatter than a pancake heading into Boston…..Hopefully, It’s A Day Game To preserve my haute cuisine dinner plans. maybe Brian Kelly would leave. His scheme has sucked since year 1, I miss the power run. Anything other than a resignation is of no interest….

A chance to win ACC title this year…If Clemson beats us senseless, can we decline the ACCC game? anyone that doesn’t think that this is moving us closer to full conference membership is insane. I guess I would analogize this to a marital hall pass. Kelly was pushing hard for MAC. the smart money is on Jack taking the easiest and laziest way out by grabbing the low-hanging fruit that a total ACC schedule would be. I’d rather ND stop playing football than join a conference. Just make interhall the football focus for the school.

Kelly’s dream dumb-down schedule. It might be NDs worst ever. I’m convinced Swarbrick put utterly no effort into piecing a decent schedule together. Some would say this ain’t been Notre Dame for some time. If this is what it’s like to be in a conference, I’d rather just quit football. It would be a fitting cap on Swarbrick’s legacy. He came. He saw. He shat. And he didn’t flush.

ACC says no marching bands on the field this season. Ken Dye was licking his chops to have a Covid themed show. I’m thinking two faces- one with a mask, the other with the “Irish Guard” simulating an unimpeded cough with their fire extinguishers. Who am I kidding, that’d require a novel idea and new design. Best to stick with the rocket ships and Chicago tunes.

so far Notre Dame has tested 356 student athletes and staff for covid 19 and only 2 positive tests. Speaks to one of the benefits of the lack of a social life in Indiana, I suppose. The INCEL squad in today’s lingo. In my day, wearing an ND T-shirt sufficed. Maybe remind the players they need to be responsible. You know, no parties, doing your girlfriend, side piece, oh and the other side piece! I have absolutely no faith they would listen to any protocols themselves.

We can babble on all we want about masks and social distancing and washing your hands and whatever other nonsense makes people feel better. The point is, there is no way in hell sports can go on unless there is a seismic shift in the current groupthink occuring. This is going to be extremely interesting to watch, sort of like Two Girls and a Cup….I suggest you avoid the urge to make false analogies or make weak ass meat headed gotchas.

If we had a healthy program and good, trustworthy leaders in charge, like we did 30 years ago, I wouldn’t worry. we’re on the cusp of a disaster alright but it’s the byproduct of COVID-19 and not the actual virus itself. Wake the hell up! I will miss the cheerleaders mostly. Pay no attention to that giant sucking sound you hear…It’s just the sound of Notre Dame football hurtling into the abyss.

Holy crap! I just looked up Two Girls and a Cup.

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