NDNation Navy Preview

(ED. NOTE: We don’t write these ourselves! We aren’t insane! This is part of a recurring series in which we compile actual posts from NDNation’s flagship forum, Rock’s House, into a semi-coherent narrative. Original post and explanation is here. We do this every week. Thank you for not yelling at us on Twitter anymore.)

do we have a game this weekend? Oh, yeah, it’ll be soooo damned exciting!!! Won’t clench my panties whether ND loses or wins a squeaker at home vs the Mids, since I long ago became comfortably numb to the poseur coaches on the ND sidelines and the money changers inside the temple that was once ND. The passion is gone; only my autumn Saturday habituation remains.

We need the ND cheerleaders holding the signs in the stadium on Saturday with that message: WE…ARE…NOT…GOOD. Kelly goes full Woody Hayes and departs ND in a fit of rage as he attacks a Midshipmen after a close, but embarrassing loss to Navy. He eats ass.

Oghoufo, Ogudeji, and Jones will all have opportunities Sat. Like to buy an O…so would Kelly. Will Lensky be able to play? Perhaps if the other guy were at QB. I’m drawing a blank on his name. On extreme rare occasions I am wrong and it’s sad and embarrassing.

WE NEED TO JOIN A CONFERENCE! It will help our chances for being included in the playoff. We belong in the Big 10, but that ship has already sailed. Guys, we’re clearly in “harvest” mode. Could it be that Jack & Co. know that college football is ending within the next 5 years and are just trying to get as much out of the program as possible before it’s all over?

The “sellout” streak comes to its merciful end. This is what happens when mediocrity is accepted. We are no longer unique, so why go? Just one more notch in Kelly’s belt. The paragraph about our home winning streak is rich. That’s worth 1/2 credit at best. Makes me want to smash something. Fatuous bromides and condescension. Some of Jack’s best. Off the charts doucheosity. Dear God, I hate this man. an astoundingly odious human being. Savvy’s a c*nt.

Does Swarbrick know he is reviled by fellow alums? Does that put him off his footing at all? What does he think about the fact that no one buys his shit anymore? Those would be good questions to ask him. He’s such an asshole…Worse. He’s what comes out of an asshole. Big piece of shit.

If you want to lower your IQ a bit, lurk about the half a dozen homer sites. This may be why we don’t get press passes. We warned them about Jack and they didn’t listen. This sort of feels like a told you so moment for ndnation.

I’m still waiting on my Arby’s gift card. Notre Dame football is the jelly of the month club.  The gift that keeps on giving. Enough with the sanctimonious bullshit. Enough treating us like morons. there are those days where all you get is a turd. And the longer you feed the goose shit, the more turds you’re gonna get. And no more golden eggs.

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