NDNation Michigan Preview

(ED. NOTE: We don’t write these ourselves! We aren’t insane! This is part of a recurring series in which we compile actual posts from NDNation’s flagship forum, Rock’s House, into a semi-coherent narrative. Original post and explanation is here. We do this every week. Thank you for not yelling at us on Twitter anymore.)

Would it be a lie to characterize the reaction here as uniformly negative? Would it be disingenuous to paste portions of sentences and posts out of context to try to make that point? Would a “blog” devoted to such a premise be bullshit? I’m just surprised that these guys are able to devote an entire blog about this stuff, especially after the 2016 election.

this level of UM vitriol is unjust. They aren’t really a true great rival anymore. They get credit for hanging tough in Saturday’s game –  I absolutely wanted them to score and go on to win. My contemporaneous support for ND should not be undermined or tainted for hoping UM got it done in that moment.

We shouldn’t be so dense – UM sucks big time, F them every game… We now sound like a bunch of Mich State cheap beer drinking assholes who have no regard for the major issues affecting society and the economy. Finally, we have to at least respect UM for being the finest academic institution in their conference. Let’s crush them next weekend (it won’t be easy – they’re trending up), but let’s not lower ourselves to petty antics and rhetoric.

Major issues affecting society and the economy? When did Chuck Todd enter the fucking room? We used to have nothing in common with Michigan. Now, fake turf, a shitty spread offense, and Billy Joel. It couldn’t happen to a nicer collection of flaming twat moles. World Class asshats.

Michigan can eat a bag of D&cks! Mickey D doesn’t require a college degree – only the ability to piss clean. UM types, especially the Wal-mart variety, are window licking knuckle draggers. clear cut pickle chuggers. They will be jacked like a housecat when we play them. Bring the lube, I think ND is fucked. If you’re counting on Kelly to have them ready….we’re screwed. He needs to fertilize his ass and grow a pair!! Can we all shit on his lawn?

Did anyone else thinks Jack’s turf looked like sh#t on TV? Guess Jack picked it up at a rug sale at at a Macy’s rug and patio furniture outlet. Like a yard down the street after the sewage system got backed up because the kids tried to flush the family pet down the toilet. Soon there’ll be two free ND tix in every Frosted Flakes box. there shouldn’t be those enormous speakers for the jumbotron blaring over everything in the south end zone.

What’s the reason for our new-found Red Zone success? Increased attention to detail during pregame prayers. ND students have discovered wisdom of Communist Manifesto.

What’s the story with this Ann Arbor broad? I saw her name at a PA Turnpike rest stop followed by this phone number – 800 MCH SUXS. She serviced weiners for money and likes it when you whip her ass in front of a big crowd. Big 10 in the stadium and booth. I guess it would be choosing between eating a huge pile of turds or a bowl of diarrhea. Michigan can go shit in a hat. My poop is too good for those toilets. Flush them, don’t fuck them.

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