NDNation Virginia Tech Postmortem

This had all the makings of a classic Brian Kelly bed-shitting. Okwara ejected. Hayes injured. Bars out for the season. Book missing wide open receivers. Kelly passing 10 straight plays.

Yes, Coach Kelly can adapt, but it took him almost 16 games to figure out what seemed obvious, that Book was a better fit for his offense. Tom Herman blows goats. Urban is an ass with class

We beat a ranked team by 22 on the road in a sloppy game. I’d have preferred a 40 point win in a clean game, but all things considered that’s not too bad. He (Mrs Jack Swarbrick) may be a complete dick, but you have to hand it to him. This team is generally prepared, very good, executing at a high level with back to back statement games. Not that Kelly is any different, but the players appear to have something special going on despite him.

This is the easiest schedule he’s ever been handed. Stanford should have lost to Oregon, and they’re getting thrashed by Utah right now. Lest we forget, Va Tech lost to ODU two weeks ago. Michigan is good now, but they weren’t in week 1. 90% of the posters on this board could be sitting at 6-0 as head coach.

I wish BK would eliminate the word “obviously” from his interview vocabulary. Seems very dick-ish. Plus when Brian Kelly is yelling “What the fuck was that?!?” at Polian 2-3 times a game it looks like two drunk brothers arguing at an Elks Lodge.

Dexter Williams is one of the best running backs in the country this year. His 97 yard run was like playing Oregon Trail and all you do in the game is hunt. The home crowd in Lane Stadium died of dysentery last night. Ian Book may not have the greatest arm but he has…HUGE BALLS. I agree.

As usual, all of the excuses will be temporarily suspended during the manic phase. Enjoy it while it lasts. Should ND ever lose another game, the excuses will be back in all their glory. ND fans have long lost the swagger, every game has turned into a fearful guess of which team will show up, and what bone-headed decisions Kelly will make.

And VT is a pretty bad team. Otherwise great game.

2 Replies to “NDNation Virginia Tech Postmortem”

  1. I wish I knew who to thank for these. I loved

    Plus when Brian Kelly is yelling “What the fuck was that?!?” at Polian 2-3 times a game it looks like two drunk brothers arguing at an Elks Lodge.

    I am not an NDNationer, but I have to confess it does rather look like this.


    1. All credit is due to the fine people at NDNation! We just copy and paste comments into something cohesive. It’s all direct quotes.


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