NDNation Wake Forest Postmortem

Someone’s unhappy we’re still undefeated.

We are right where we need to be: 4-0 and headed to the playoff. The only thing that could derail us is a complete and utter failure on the part of our coaching staff. Sorry folks, but our schedule sucks donkey balls. Not our fault, but we really need to go 12-0 just to be “in the conversation.” It might not be enough.

This team probably isn’t good enough. Stanford’s team is 10X mentally stronger than ours. The playmaking ability isn’t there. This offense seldom seems capable of sustaining drives. This is grab bag garbage. What else did we expect, I guess.

Missed the entire game. Admit I am shocked down to my shoes. Shocked to my very shoes, I am. I don’t understand the strategy here at all. There’s no long-term plan, no “story arc” to get the team to a destination. Our scheme is soft, our coach is unloveable, our admin is feckless, and Wake Forest is putrid – all that remains true. But Ian Book was a boss today. He reminds me quite a bit of Montana.

I seriously doubt this offense–with Book at the helm–can produce against quality defenses like we’ll see the next two weeks. I hope I’m wrong. I really think we’ll go back to Wimbush next weekend. Maybe there are a few more nuts out there.

Why are the announcers giving Kelly so much credit? I only give the players credit for a win. BK is favored to win the bouncy man tits contest on campus. Good Lord, this guy is terrible. And so are the announcers who praise him for doing a shitty job…again.

Listened to the press conference after the game yesterday and it made me sick. ND might as well kick me in the balls a lot. It’s amazing any of us can reproduce at this point.

Our head coach is not the cleverest gnome in the shrub bed. not much can really be gleaned from yesterday. This much I do know. Doing yard work was a lot more enjoyable today than it usually is on gameday.

You ever get the feeling you don’t know anything about football? I truly do not understand the game. I don’t understand the new offenses, I have no idea what works and doesn’t, and I can’t predict anything. I don’t get these new snap counts. Whatever happened to “down, set, hike”? I have no idea if our QB situation will bite us, but it certainly didn’t backfire today. I feel great for Book. But I genuinely don’t know any more about college football than I do about small condoms.

One Reply to “NDNation Wake Forest Postmortem”

  1. The probability of being undefeated is not high due eight games remain. Even going undefeated doesn’t gaurentee a play off slot as 4-5 teams may achieve this.

    At his point it is highly unlikely we could beat Alabama or OSU.

    Also, I don’t think the schedule is ‘ soft’ as some would say.

    I would give BK credit in making the QB switch. ThIs is what is he being paid to do. It seemed to elevate the play of the whole offense unit.


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