NDNation UNC Preview

Stomp UNC’s cracker asses into the dirt. Smack their mama terrible. ND football turns me into a caveman. you should check your damned tone on a Notre Dame message board. No need for vulgarity.

When Friday comes, someone remind me it’s game day, please. There is little to be interested in with most of the weak ass teams on the schedule this year or in future years, save the occasional game against a decent team like Clemson. We should be more discerning and have higher expectations.

The 100 wins include vacated wins. Which means nobody should be talking about it.. What am I missing? Kelly doesn’t have 100 wins. He fielded a team of ineligible players. They were cheaters. He disgraced ND (Yet again) and should not get any credit for it.

If playing against each others teams I would pick Holtz. with contemporary players I think Lou wins > 90% of the time. I think Holtz would be at a significant size and speed disadvantage….and he would still have a nearly 100% chance of winning. Holtz handled business, BK handles himself. Kelly hasn’t actually accomplished anything of note yet, so it’s a bit premature to mention him in the same breath as our recent championship coaches.

Being elite is a standard, it’s not a sliding scale. What’s miserable to me is the abdication of the pursuit of excellence, the negligent stewardship, and the notion that it somehow can’t be done. I currently put Brian Kelly in the Hmmm category – slightly better than good.

Kelly is simply not a great ND coach. Call me doubting Thomas. Yes, the win over Clemson was nice. It’s notable. But we’ve got a lot of work to do before we crown Kelly’s arse just yet. I don’t recognize greatness in early November. the very prospect of seeing BK get depantsed in a major bowl again makes me think of that old adage: “Be careful what you ask for. You just may get it.”

how are we looking for OL in the 2022 class? if we need some kids, I would suggest Braden Miller out of Eaglecrest. Caleb Johnson is Irish…or Im really drunk. Winning has been the biggest hurdle to elite recruiting.

Where will ND go when we ditch Under Armour? Juicy Couture? Red pill: We’ll go running home back to Champion. Blue pill: Nike will come calling and we will slither on our belly to cash their check. Schmarmy and Kelly will create their own company and sell the exclusive production capacity to ND.

How does Northwestern maintain such a beautiful grass field? Impossible. The plastic is always greener on the other side. BK’s worst home season (2016) was on turf. The grass was beautiful for the ‘93 FSU game. Even OJ said it looked good.

I really think that we should pass on the ACCCG. Pull a FSU and have some doctors say that it isn’t safe for our players to play. Find some way to put enough players in isolation due to contact tracing so that we don’t have the minimum. Do you really think competing in that game won’t set a dangerous precedent? The ACC will have every motivation to ensure Clemson beats us in that game. We shouldn’t play it. I don’t care about the CFP.

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