NDNation Clemson Postmortem

Across? You asleep ? No bitching and moaning tonight ? Thank God. holy shit hoily shit holy shit. greatrst nigt of my life at least until i have kids (if). I want to tongue kiss Brian Kelly. If you get an erection lasting more than 4 hours…..stop watching the game replay.

Not gonna lie, almost turned it off. the very idea of this team giving Clemson a serious contest seemed ludicrous. Never. Ever. Thought BK could do it. Honestly we should have won in regulation. Kelly is still the same guy he was for the last ten years, and I fully expect him to grasp defeat from the jaws of victory this season. I’ve read this book before. I know how it ends. Someone tell Jack to hold off on the statue until after BC.

Rees>that previous douchebag. Kelly only looked clueless for 10 minutes or so. Which coach helped Kelly understand he needed to decline the holding penalty? My Wife knew we had to decline the penalty. Clemson also made the biggest error of the night running out of bounds. NDN would have rightfully hung Kelly by his nuts for that series.

let’s not get ahead of ourselves. it was still “just” one win. We’ve only had to wait 11 years. I’m still not a BK fan. it absolutely does not make him a Notre Dame legend (let alone, it should be needless to say, God). I’ll save the “thank you” until he delivers a national championship. he is still due for a boneheaded moment.

Not there yet. The win masked some deficiencies. In reality–I still think Kelly’s offense blows. Why deep ball (Davis) only successful end of game? He still hasn’t atoned for all the mind numbing losses.

Students getting alot of grief for rushing the field. Eh, now that Bieden has won there is no COVID-19. If I were still there as a student, I would have stormed the field and ripped up that fake bulls**t turf to take home with me. And I thought we were a community of the intellectual elite. A Columbus mob more like, w/o burning sofas.

I like Dabo. my favorite coach in football. All class, passionate, doesn’t blame players, etc. He’s the only opposing coach EVER I have liked. he was asked about the storming the field and said it was a great game and he didn’t have a problem with it. That’s a classy move on his part, rat face probably would have called for our students to be arrested for attempted murder and ND to forfeit the game.

I sort of blacked out there. Miami88 was literally the last time I actually pissed myself. Tonight I might just take a leak on my bed for the hell of it because we fucking beat Clemson. My kids didn’t understand the references to football coaches engaging in coitus with their sisters. There’s another divorce in my future.

Funny, this used to be so normal in the late 80’s and early 90’s and happened on a somewhat regular basis. Winning a NC is the goal, not spoiling a team’s win streak. I hope because of this game, the young folks now understand why us old guys are so fanatical. Why the hell is THIS the year we’re in a fucking conference? This schedule is about as exciting as a wet noodle.

The last time ND beat the #1 team in the nation Tommy Rees was 1. Ian was still in his Daddy’s ball bag. Tommy probably hadn’t even gotten laid yet. My guess is he has a good chance tonight. Especially if he’s Book’s wing man.

Kelly should wear a face mask forever…no grimaces. Kelly’s blowup in Books face showed his petty mean face. I mean, I like Books moxy, but when does Kelly land a Lawerence type QB? I like his big balls.

Fought their ass’s off! did Daelin Hayes eat DJ? Normally when prey is pounced upon like that, the aggressor helps himself to his bounty. The strips of flesh along the back are a common starting point. NBC never showed Daelin eating him, and no one asked about it in the post-game press conferences.

My wife informed me she is pregnant (#2). What a downer after tonight. Give me day a day to celebrate at least. I honestly planned on having my most productive week at work coming up. This kind of puts a damper on those plans.

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