NDNation Pittsburgh Preview

Thesis: those that are saying that this should/could be a close game are just creating (another) excuse for Heir Kelly. Let’s find out if Heir Kelly has learned how to advance. Pretty sure we all know the answer. Apologies to all who recognize his greatness.

BK will keep doing what he always does and we’ll be lucky to get out of Pittsburgh with a close win as we stumble through these ACC marshmallows and soup cans. ND is objectively bad and will be embarrassed the first time they play a decent team. The most common comments i hear about ND football is that its greatest days are behind it sort of like Army and Navy football. Does you’re feces never stink ?

Why is Michigan held to a much higher standard than ND? when bowl season rolls around, and all focus goes to one or two games at a time–people see Michigan at least being competitive while ND gets buried by 3 or 4 TDs. How in hell do few, if any, outside of us meanies at Rock’s House not see the incongruity with this and degradation to ND’s historical reputation? Michigan is, by and large, viewed as a program that can win the title and beat the big boys. We are not. Most ND fans are happy with “37-6” & 12-0 regular seasons.

PFF ranks Ian Book 10th amongst all 15 ACC QBs. Jurkovec is ranked 7th. Book is a piece of dried fruit at this point. BK has employed his Clockwork Orange techniques to remove the last vestiges of Book’s aggression. we coach our QB’s to never through an int (or a TD) because of risk. I reckon Drew Pyne should start warming up, because he might be the next victim. How about bringing B Clark if they decide to go pass heavy. BK would have Montana running the scout team.

We could reasonably credit George Whitfield for the “good” Everett Golson than we could Brian Kelly. I don’t care how much of an a-hole he may be, and that he is bitter over being fired–but how much would it cost to entice Charlie Weis to be his QB coach? I’m ok with that as long as he doesn’t touch any other position or playcalling.

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