NDNation Louisville Postmortem

You know when you step in dog shit and you don’t realize it until you get into your car, but by then it’s already ground into your floor mats? That’s what this game reminded me of. Same as it ever was….Kelly wins feel like losses. Not establishing the run on opening series. No energy in program. They shoulda walked to the Basilica AFTER the game!

The saddest thing of all is that this site is not on fire. Where the hell is Antifa when you need them? I used to cry real tears at such a game. It’s better than slamming your dick in a door, but not much. Same feel of exhaustion as the Trump administration. It was an instant classic. Classic meaning the same old sh!t. They’ve sapped the emotion out of almost all of us. I just don’t care that much anymore.

They shat themselves in the redzone. Why not just run more? How in the Hell can’t Heir Kelly coach/recruit receivers. BC may have better receivers than Nd. Oh yeah, and book’s ability to throw will NOT be noticed by Clemson… Someone please tell me whether I am in purgatory or worse.

We are better than the 13 years from 1997-2009 (whoopee). We may suck. ND will not be ranked in the top ten when the season is over. The higher we climb, the farther we’ll fall. We will lose at least 2 games. I am thoroughly unsatisfied with ND football.

We’ve shown how crappy we are. Pitt will beat us next week and end this. Book can’t play. That is painfully obvious. How would Phil do surrounded by a better supporting cast? His biggest obstacles would be Kelly and Rees. How could he overcome such poor coaching? No one else has done it.

Abysmal win. I still have a dread feeling that ND will be exposed, sort of like the dread feeling you get when you have a Zoom meeting and you’re wearing a shirt but somehow, someway, the attendees will find out that you’re naked from the waist down!

BK T-Shirt “I’m smiling because I see someone else to blame”. Just saw that on a t-shirt. Perfect gifts for BK and Jack this Christmas. Brian wants everyone to know it’s never his fault. The insecurity just reeks out of his pores. He talked about execution in pregame & 2nd half interviews. Execution should be swift and merciless in regards to BK.

Criminal what he gets away with…year after year….Any Coach worthwhile would take the blame publicly. Not Kelly, he continues ripping players through the media. And, his Superiors would never call him out on it. Savvy and Johnny are afraid of Big Bad Brian and his 30 years of coaching. Dumb SOB.

As someone that played defensive end on a 4 man front in high school football, seeing that poor of containment really pained me. Just Awfull. This is the worst game I have watched of ND football..And that is over 70 years….One gets the impression that the standard Kelly holds himself to isn’t quite the same one as the legends. He’s got nothing left to prove. Fat, drunk and stupid is his way of life.

How long do you think it would take Kelly to destroy Trevor Lawrence if he played for ND? Could he do it in one season or is his method more of a slow deconstruction? No coach does less with more than our guy. This game could rewrite the record books on most lopsided loss at Notre Dame Stadium.

Brian Kelly and the Extinction Asteroid. Looking back at some previous ND coaches, I think of an Extinction Level Hemmoroid. Faust would run around and scream, Say a Hail Mary! Say a Hail Mary!” Willingham would have clutched his guts and run off the field. Kelly would have looked up at it dumbly and watch it with doe eyes. Lou would have assembled his players in a solid line and as one they would shout, “Shield Wall.” Weis would have put his hands on his hips as tv cameras would broadcast his image all over the world, with the graphic, “This is the hemmoroid.”

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