NDNation FSU Postmortem

Kelly said “Our defense did not have their ‘A’ game today.” A backhanded way of throwing his defense not quite all the way under the bus. Have the Irish ever had reliable special teams under Brian Polian? Not as reliable as the dossier Brian Polian has on Brian Kelly.

I found it to be wholly unsatisfying. Frustratingly close win against a terrible FSU team. I didn’t watch yesterday. Dialed it up hungover this morning, probably the reason for my spite.

First time since 2012 – longest active winning streak. Hurray! Let’s give Kelly a lifetime contract. Unfortunately the winning “streak” is all against weaker competition. Any of those teams finish in the top 25? Lea hasn’t exactly faced many good offenses these past 9 games either. Can’t feel good about program that will permanently sit underneath top layer…We haven’t beaten an elite team since 1993.

We sure gave up a lot of 4th down conversions last night. As I get older, I am becoming more interested in studying ND FB stats (it’s replacing my interest in women). If we dont score 50 against UL, BK should be fired.

If Kelly wants to go for it on 4th and goal up by 16 why not have Ian hit Mayer for a short TD? That call pissed me off. What should piss you off more is ND couldn’t make 2 yards and only scored 7 points in the second half vs a shitty defense that had multiple defenders dropping like flies. Yeah it’s great that ND scored 42, but nothing has really changed. This offense won’t do shit when it counts in a big game vs a good team. This is a FACT! Kelly is so fucking maddening.

It was a generally unsatisfying evening and the Beam Black hangover will wreck my Sunday. this run game is fun but I’m not ready to buy it yet. I suspect Kelly will soon feel threatened enough to interfere and re-impose his idiotic philosophy. Like Trump, he simply cannot stand to be upstaged.

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