NDNation FSU Preview

Other than Clemson, all we have is dog doo. UNC blows goats. Breakout the Undefeated 2-0 Season T-Shirts and Glassware! Watch all of the glorious 15 seconds with all your Irish fan Friends and Family. Glorious 15 seconds is what most of us are used to.

Five more years of BK left to go. Twenty for Tommy. Just hold on a little while longer, so by the time I’m 94, I’m thinking we’ll have a chance. Lea is Lea. Will never really be an impact recruiter. Mickens has no track record of success. results are sub-par.

How many times does ND under Brian Kelly have to choke before folks on this board will stop proclaiming it a foregone conclusion that they will blow out a sub par team? A loss would shock me. Failing to cover the spread would not. Describes the Kelly era.

Book played poorly vs USF. I will not be surprised if Jurkovec lights up the Irish secondary later this year. God knows far less talented quarterbacks have done so. Still working his way through the stink Kelly put on him. I predict that ND will fail to score even 25 points vs Pitt and the ND media will continue to blow Pitt’s defense, when in reality Brian Kelly has a bad habit of making Narduzzi look like a defensive genius.

ND says pregame meal as a group and in game player vomitting by a asymptomatic + player is responsible for the outbreak. Does anyone really believe this? I’m not buying it. This sounds like classic Savvy and Purple-Face spin to not tell the truth. Under Kelly, I regularly experience in-game vomiting. After lunch I went with the deuce heavy.

The real question is whether Father Jenkins will wear one mask or two in the press box. I’m ready for him to be gone and for the Christopher Columbus murals to be uncovered in the Dome.

Why is the reaction to “shut it down”? So what. It’s only CV19. It’s not like it’s something with a lot of deaths/day and these are college students. Oklahoma, Clemson, and LSU had a large number of cases. They wanted to get it over with and out of the way. Smart.

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