NDNation Duke Preview

If you’re reading this, you know the drill.

Any thoughts on ND’s chances against Duke on Saturday? I am getting right out in front and sayiing: I shan’t be watching the game against Duke. At least not live. Although I kind of like the other team’s head coach. I may change my mind to try to confer some legacy interest in the school to my sons. My interest level is a 2 out of 10.

I’ll be camped in front of my TV with a wine cooler and a bag of pork rinds, ready to indulge myself in a gridiron matchup fully worthy of such cuisine. I’ll watch it only because it annoys Michigan fans.

Anyone else see the Urban Meyer quote? He’s “all in on the Notre Dame bandwagon this year.” I think someone is itching to get back into the game again. Setting himself up for the ND job. Maybe on a short leash with specific contract language about team/coach behavior it could work? I have faith that an Urban who is controlled by the ND powers-that-be would be just fine morally. He has experience with the Priests, he knows what is and isn’t kosher.

He also was effusive in his praise for BK and staff. Maybe he has lost it. all Kelly has given us in 10 years is a highlight reel of disappointments and embarrassments. If we are going to have a coach who we ease our standards for, shouldn’t we have one who can win a national championship? If we are going to accept mediocre football, let’s at least have a coach who doesn’t embarrass us.

Lou Holtz getting Presidential Medal of Freedom. disappointing is how Lou feels the need to put himself out there, knowing how hurtful it would be to so many former players. Are they such . . . SISSIES? How hurtful it would be to his former players? Are you all there? Were they such babies, forerunners of the snowflake era, that the political views of their former coach would hurt their baby feelings?

Can we hire Jerome Bettis as a coach? Here is a quote:

“I think that the analytics have gotten in the way of pure football. So, the analytics say you throw the football until you get a lead, and then you run the football. I think that’s a terrible way to play football, but I’m an old school guy like you. I look at the running back as the bellcow that did the heavy lifting of the offense…with Kansas City in the Super Bowl – they had running backs run for over a hundred yards.”

Perhaps there is an IT expert among us who could hack Brian Kelly’s computer and make a quote of this as his wallpaper? Practice reports say we’re going to run a bunch. That will change as soon as ND is down 14 with 3 minutes left in the fist half. The offense will resemble the 2000 Rams. Don’t tease us like that, Tommy. Either dedicate the offense to the run or just go full air raid, we all have seen the hybrid and it stinks.

ND does nothing with its Independence. If they used it to schedule top intersectional matchups, it would be worth keeping. Instead, as best I can see, it is only used for the financial benefit. Thus, to quote Bill Murray, it just doesn’t matter.

If Notre Dame has lost people like me as passionate fans, not only have they “lost,” but they’ve demonstrated beyond any rational doubt that they just don’t give a fuck about Notre Dame football. Geezers like me suck hind tit. As it stands, I also don’t give two shits what they do anymore. They’re in bed with their “corporate partners”, and that’s all that really matters to them.

Rally House? Sweet! Zoom call with Bob Davies in my boxers? I can only hope i can watch him shirtless on his couch gobbling up 7-11 weiners. And I really want to see Weis’ array of mayo options and which ones he will spread on his pizzas.

Those who follow players, the team, etc on the various social media platforms might find this interesting/attractive…but not me. I imagine you’re not into TicToc. So tacky. Rock bottom is deeper than we thought. Keep digging Jack! Wouldn’t put it past some networks to show nothing instead of our games.

Stop wasting your time arguing with random nitwits who use terms like shitbag, suck ass, and the like. If your SCARED, get a Dog….Go IRISH!!!! is your/you’re/there/their/they’re really difficult? I am not SCARED. I am DISINTERESTED. I will not be watching that goat rodeo. On the Hallmark Channel.

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