NDNation Vanderbilt Postmortem

Please don’t let your mother think these are my own words.

That was a crap fest of a game and Kelly should be embarest. Embarrassed. 1 too many beers. Why don’t you do 6 shots of 151 Rum w Tabasco And chug 6 Old Milwaukee beers, eat 12 deviled eggs and a package of sugar free Haribo gummy bears while watching the replay? I, for one, have stopped giving a damn. Nice to have relaxing Saturdays year round, in fact.

This time last year they looked terrible against a UGA of questionable strength.
How do we truncate Kelly’s tenure? Pray he runs the table and actually gets an offer from a pro team, because he’ll take it, before we get wrecked by a legit playoff school. Then we can help him pack.

We are 3-0 but hardly belong in the top ten. We are barely a top 15 team. The offense is a joke. Apparently only NDNation watches our games. I actually fell asleep during yesterday’s game. First time ever. Another wasted opportunity, of 4 hours that I’ll never get back. The football gods look at this roster…and like a Greek tragedy it is ignored.

Not trying to start a riot, but our team has a real shot to be the worst undefeated regular season team since BYU in the 80s. And by worst, I mean, the most poorly coached. I’m not sure we can beat any decent team. Good thing Tracy Morgan was coaching Vanderbilt.

Wisconsin probably wishes that they wouldve won by 5 today. This is worth mentioning because of all of the praise Wisconsin gets on this board. But I couldn’t give a rats ass. it wasn’t worth mentioning. Chryst is still a Good coach, Kelly will always suck. Brian Kelly is a poltroon.

Kelly’s halftime speeches are not garbage! They are irrelevant. Garbage is a synonym for his halftime adjustments. It inspired me…to run for the bathroom. I still have the chills…shit chills. Our players would run through a sprinkler for him.

Our defense isn’t generally good. I think the V wr caught that last pass. We had to hope for a clean puntt…..That’s crap.

Vandy’s D had zero sacks. If the OL is soft, just exactly how flaccid is their DL? Stat box omits one huge factor: We have a moron and ass for a coach. Worth -17 per game. Syracuse will roll us. They have a coach who has a fucking clue. If we weren’t 3-0 already, I’d say 6-7.

ACross was right about this offense. It’s the worst of Kelly’s tenure. That was the ugliest 250 yard rushing performance I’ve ever seen. I think Wimbush + Bobby Petrino = Heisman. Time for Jurkovic to show his hipe.

Rock’s House shockingly subdued. Watched that garbage on DVR. Is everyone just resigned now to endless mediocrity? Only a marshmallow-soft schedule is going to save BK from another 2016 this season. Everyone’s passed out drunk…and depressed! I think I threw up in my mouth a lil bit today.. Ugh.

I don’t want to fire Kelly. I want to set him on fire. I want to burn him alive. I wonder if Kelly is real or just a nightmare I can’t wake up from. But then to paraphrase Descartes, He stinks, therefore he is. Orange stars, yellow moons, purple face and green clover.

3 Replies to “NDNation Vanderbilt Postmortem”

  1. The amazing thing is that they finally have the offense they want, and they’re still equally miserable. We probably even use a fullback more than the average team! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  2. In other words, Brian Kelly is a mediocre coach. His skill set best fits an Indiana , Kentucky SMU environment.

    He has this odd proclivity to create unworkable schemes which he refuses to modify in the face of demonstrated failure. He for some reason is unable to prepare the team for significant games. One observation is that Kelly does make some adjustments , but far short of what opposing coaching staffs do.

    He seems to have the first few plays thought out , but beyond these , he is clueless.

    His game time decisions define logic, resulting in losses where winnIng was expected.

    His biggest unforgivable crime was his abortive attempt to land an NFL coaching position starting 5 minutes after winning at USC, 2012 , relentlessly pursuing right beyond the Alabama debacle.

    I do expect him to depart after this season, as he pointed out ‘winnIng is hard’ comments. He realizes now that he is not capable of the ND position.


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